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Debunking Christianity: What is My Motivation in Debunking Christianity?

Debunking Christianity: What is My Motivation in Debunking Christianity?

This is listed, not because I adhere to these people but for the comment I left.

Armageddon: Is the End Near?

I've heard the arguments and it's just so much nonsense. You will hear "yeah and a thousand times before, people have said this is the last days".

What's different now? Well, point blank, every prophecy fulfilled where in the past they were not.

You see, people have (throughout history) thought they were following the signs and knew they were living on the last day of this world. The problem was, they were reading the wrong book, filling between the lines or just plain letting their imaginations run wild.

There has never before, been a time when all that the Bible said would be in place at the last days, was actually in place until now.

I am one of the first born of the last generation. Born in Jan of 1946. Israel came back into its own in 1948. The bible says the generation that sees the beginnings of these things shall also see the end. The beginning was Israel coming back into its own land and once again becoming a nation.

The jews were scattered throughout the world, after the death of Christ, for their unbelief. It was their punishment. The Lord said they would be persecuted and indeed they have been. He cast them out of their home land but due to a promise to Abraham, the day had to come when they would return. And so, it finally happened after almost 2000 years.

Those born after 1948 or were too young to understand, Israel was NOT. There was no such name as Israel, outside the Bible. Today, it exists and by a miracle. Right there, was the beginning of the signs of the true end of time. The clock has been ticking ever since.

As a child, I was told about the things that were to come and I couldn't understand how it could ever be. At the age of 8, I asked my mother, "Children killing their parents? How can that be?" "Fathers hating their own sons?" "People putting up with homosexuals?" "Mayhem in the streets?"

There was no possible way for me to understand how these things could come into being but I surely watched as they formed and came to be a part of life.

A whore was a whore. Today most of our high school students are whores but they don't call it that anymore.

A thief was a thief and just about everyone you come in contact with is a thief, these days, but it's overlooked-excused-UNDERSTOOD.

Black was black and white was white but today everything is gray and arguable.

The law was the law but today the law is a guideline, meerly acknowledged as something that can change to bend to ones will.

Attack comes onto our land and its starts an argument between the citizens instead of between this country and the enemy. A house divided?

There is nothing stable anymore. Nothing you can depend to remain the same tomorrow. No standards to live by. Chaos.

Go back into your history and tell me when that has happened in the past. Even if injustice, the law remained the law and people knew their place.

Today, we have the prophesied 'eye in the sky'. Today we have the prophesied 13 nations, slowly forming into the 10 nations. Today, we have the forming united one world church. Today, we have the forming one world government. Today, we have upstanding citizens applauding sin in public. Non of these things existed 50 years ago. These are the signs of the end times.

Rapture: Is It Real?

So much argument about the rapture and so silly to question it.

For me, it's the most simple thing in the world and yet it seems so many, even scholars, are confused about when and how.

When you stand back and look at the basics, just plain simple logic, you will see the picture clearly.The Word says the comforter must be removed before the anti-christ can come into his power. Where is the comforter?The Lord Jesus told us, in plain language that the comforter was given to us (the believer) when Jesus ascended. Until that time, the comforter abided in Jesus.

The only reason the comforter has for being on this world, is to abide in the believer. So if the comforter leaves, so must we, as He is promised only to us.

IF the comforter must leave before the anti-christ can come into power then we must leave also. Otherwise, there is no way for the comforter to leave at all and still keep the Lord's promise.It would seem a logical deduction to believe in the rapture, as it's the only reference to our leaving here before the anti-christ is revealed.


How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

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Isis for Women

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