Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Fall

Like you, I spent a lifetime wondering about the story in the garden and the meanings of some things that were not clear to us. I simply believed without question.

Recently, I've come to understand something so clearly and I think we all need to see through this cloudy glass.

There are 3 clues, in the Bible, to explain the truth to us. One is knowing 'the sons of God saw the daughters of man'....Knowing angels cannot procreate, something had to change in order for them to procreate in this mortal life.  We learn in the New Testament, 'they left their original habitat'. We also learn 'we will be like Him...we will see Him as He is' which means we will be changed into the existence that Jesus is after the ascension. Going back to the garden, we read where they 'realized' they were naked. You and I know that this can't have much meaning in the mortal sense, considering married couples see each other naked all the time. So what changed?

I now realize Adam and Eve were in the same existence that Jesus is today, which it not a mortal existence. It is what we've referred to as 'celestial body'. When the original two sinned against God, they took on the sin of mortality, they became what we are now today. It explains why God made them clothing of skins. He had to teach them how to live in this mortal existence. It also explains why no children were born until after they lost their first home.

Most of all, it explains why God (a celestial being) had to be born into being a mortal being in order to pay the price to regain what we lost.  More than that, it explains what Jesus was talking about when He referred to the Kingdom of God (being here and now). Jesus had to reverse the original damage by becoming what Adam had become, then through the victory over death, return to what Adam was before the fall. In this manner, we were given an avenue by which to return to what we were originally created to be. In order for us to regain what was lost (entirely), this mortal body must die. Some will be mysteriously changed into that form when Jesus calls us up. Either way, this mortal body must be shed before we can again be what Adam was.

We are stuck in this mortal form until the fulfillment of all things. It is ordained. In the meantime, we can learn how to operate in our true existence although restrained by mortal eyes. Our existence, as we know it, comes to us from the time of birth through the senses of the mortal body: sight, sound, feel, experiences. Until we connect with the creator, that's all we know of our existence but through Jesus, we can learn how to function even within the limitations of this mortality.

If we could still see the repercussions of our prayers, we might be encouraged but we can't. Because we can't, we have to simply operate through faith.  This is why there was (and is) so much emphasis on the importance of being born again. The Holy Spirit helps us to bridge that gap until we personally are transformed into our original state.

As long as Jesus walked this earth in mortal form, He Himself had to have the Holy Spirit. Only after His ascension, and He no longer had to operate with the Holy Spirit, could the Holy Spirit return to this mortal world and indwell in each and every believer.

For me, this has opened my eyes to what the Lord taught, concerning operating in faith. You don't have to 'feel' it for it to be true. It's impossible for us to experience the realities and force of our words.  Believing, is the engine. Our problem is keeping that engine going. Distraction causes us to walk away from that we have spoken.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tribulation stampeding into history

Some years ago, those of us who are watchers on the wall, were shocked to find out the Presbyterian church was allowing homosexuality in the pulpit. I think we knew then, the time was near.

Then on 9/11/01, I wondered how many were standing, just as I was, staring at the TV and saying out loud "It begins".

Since then, we've watched as the world (not just the U.S.) turned upside down, pushing and hating everything that reminded them of God. We've watched while the minority ruled the majority and demands became more and more for the Christian to accept outright blasphemy.

Now not only do we see Israel marching head on into all out war, we have a president who is at war with us. Our southern borders melted and those in power have brought in thousands to overwhelm the system and now the introduction of Ebola, brought to our land on purpose. It should be enough to drive an unbeliever right out of their minds.

A few days ago, I was driving home and (as I've done a thousand times) began to cry and whimper at the Lord about how we used to have beautiful blue skies and how the powers that be have ruined it and daily poisoning us, when all of a sudden I was reminded (by Him) that I was clinging to things of this earth. Oops! Um...ashamed of myself? Oh yes. I've straightened up my act, by the way. So our blue skies are ruined, it's time to look forward to the day they will be back as God intended.

So I guess it's also time for me to encourage my brethren and help them to focus on those things that really do count. When is the Lord going to call us up? We don't really know. I'm banking on a pre-trib rapture but the truth is, we don't know how much of this we are going to live through.

For sure, we have brethren in the middle east who are now being beheaded, beaten, raped, dismembered because of their faith. That part has already begun in mass.

What can we do from here? Especially considering we now have a government that wants this to happen, that backs the muslims, that hates the U.S. citizen, that is doing all it can to kill us. There is power in the fervent prayer of the believer. It's definitely time for us to pray for those being slaughtered and it's time for us to pray for those around us to have their eyes opened. There really is not much time left.

It's way past time for us to draw near to the Lord and learn how to listen. The day may come, very soon, when you have to make that choice. For me, there is no question - He died for me and I'm not above my master.

Are we ready?

Jack Van Impe Presents #1433 (2014-08-16)

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

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Isis for Women

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