Monday, June 30, 2014

Churches Preparing their flocks?

Is it just me or are most of the Christian church's acting like nothing has changed? Do they realize how close we are to seeing Jesus again? Are they helping their members to build up their faith, preparing for that great choice coming our way?

How many, when faced with beheading, will be simply confused and wondering why they hadn't been informed, why they weren't ready for this?

Are our brethren informed that the mark is that very message you see on bandanna's across the brow of those we call radical muslims? How about the tattoo on their right hand? Is our brethren informed that the choice will soon face them? And by the way, even if they jump ship and claim they will convert to muslim, they will still be killed, so they won't be saving themselves but are they informed now, so they know it won't make a difference if they (out of fear) desert Jesus.

Are our brethren informed of home invasions before dawn? Are they informed that their rights have been stripped in the U.S. ?

It's not only coming, it's already here. Persecution of believer's is just starting and will definitely get worse so now is the time to read, read, read your Bible and build your faith.

Christian persecution

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

Isis for Women

Isis for Women

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