Saturday, January 30, 2010

You've accepted Jesus. Now what?

I was saved at the age of 8 but not born again until age 30. Why is that? How could that happen?

We teach others how to come to the Lord but we leave out one huge step and that is how to give ourselves to Him. How many times are we told that we are the Bride of Christ and yet we don't understand that it's a two way street, just as in any relationship.

We are told God loves us and we even say it all the time, yet we don't know what that really means. We have to understand that our Lord Jesus feels the same way toward us, as any groom to be.

Just imagine a young man winning the hand of a young lady, only to watch her pay attention to anything and everyone except him. Does that sound like a two way relationship?

We set goals, we work toward tomorrows riches, we buy things and even polish those things, we adorn ourselves and most times, we are too busy doing these other things to consider our precious Jesus. How loved, do you suppose He feels?

You see, the love Jesus feels for you is so adoring, so deep and so everlasting, we cannot conceive of it. It's a love far more encompassing and far more unselfish than anything we will ever experience for feel. The love you have for your very own existence can't compare to that of Jesus for you.

Born again. What is it and when does it happen? It happens the day your realize you too, have to enter into the relationship and become His other half. It happens the day you come to understand the depth of His love for you and learn to cherish it.

What is it? I can only describe in mortal terms. When you were young and in love for the first time, didn't you want to be with that person? Didn't you love what they loved and hated what they hated, merely because of your love? Didn't that other person consume your every thought? Didn't that person affect the way you lived?

When this happens between you and Jesus, you change. You become all the things your true love desires and you want nothing to do with anything He hates. You are born again.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping You Up To Date

Although it seems I'm not around much these days, the fact is I'm very busy online.  Most of my writing is at the Crafter'sCorner  the Home Site Blog  the Trucking blog and my Christian site blog

This in a addition to Squidoo pages and on Facebook

I haven't deserted this blog, just been so busy with others.

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

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Isis for Women

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