Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christianity is not Pride

What is Christianity?
A true explanation for those that wonder and for those that think they know.

Christianity comes from the word christian, which means the same as it would if talking about where you are from. A Texan is someone from Texas.

A christian is someone 'of Christ'. Meaning, they are followers of Christ. That's all the word means.

To be a follower of Christ, one must totally and absolutely believe IN and ON Jesus. To believe IN Him, is to say He did exist, He did walk this earth, He was a good man. To believe ON Him, is to say He is the only truth and all of the truth. Which, of course, also means one believes everything that came out of His mouth and everything God says about Him.

If you're born in Texas, you speak as a Texan, you act like a Texan, you ARE a Texan. If you are born again, in Christ, you speak as a Christian, you act like a Christian, you ARE a Christian.

It's not an honor bestowed on someone, it's what you are. For others to bash and insult a Christian just for being a Christian, they are professing a hatred for what that person IS.

Christians learn, not from the Sunday School teacher, but from their Lord, to love their neighbor. Considering that to be a Christian, is to be in love, like nothing human, Christians want to please Him. The same as young love, falling head over heals in love. Doesn't that person act like a fool?

Doesn't a person who is totally in love, float on air? Doesn't that person stand in defense of their loved one? Doesn't that person hang on every word?

So do we, the Christian. We're in love and we beg the worlds pardon for acting like someone in love. Why is it ok for anyone else but it's not ok for a Christian?

This is what it is to be a Christian.

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

How to Make a Church Fail, by Satan, Prince of Darkness

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